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Hospitality Digital

-> Taking restaurant operations into the digital age

For most chefs and restaurant owners everything happens on paper: From changing recipes and bookkeeping to communicating with their staff. The margin of error is high and costs often not optimised. Metro, one of Europes biggest wholesale food distributers, helps digitalise and automate those processes for the hospitality sector.

Because all of their services where individually developed, I helped create a Design System to bring them all together under one consistent brand. The system was carefully constructed to be accessible, clear and efficient to make the transition to a fully digital workflow easy. I lead our development team to create a fully technology agnostic CSS framework and a detailed documentation outlining it’s usage.

We’ve put the system directly to use by helping Metro redesign some of their most used apps and explored new features and services trough interactive prototypes and user tests.

  • Agency: A Color Bright
  • Development: Lauren Dorman, Sanjay Twisk
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