Joshua SöhnSelected Work 2016 – 2020


As a freelancer in Germany you are constantly overwhelmed by bureaucracy. Calculating taxes, writing invoices and organising receipts takes days out of every month. Lots of new business fail in the first year because they didn't save enough money for taxes. Kontist solves this problem by automatically setting aside VAT and Income Tax every time an invoices get paid.

I joined Kontist as their first designer in 2016 and together with the initial co-founder team created the branding and visual language from scratch. I was solely responsibly for everything design from marketing assets to high fidelity product prototypes as well as the front-end development of the marketing website. As the company grew I was promoted to the Head of Design and lead a design team of 3 people. I then worked closely with the brand and product teams to develop new marketing strategies and continuously improve the mobile app.

The shown samples include work of Elena Svitkina and Nicholas Christowitz, who worked with me closely on the brand.